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PCS Suspension / Lowering Kit Testimonials

After reading your web reviews I ordered the lowering kit for my V Star Deluxe. It was easy to install and my mind is blown at the "improvement it makes in handling, especially in the corners”. I was hoping to get a little better footing with the lowering kit, but got much, much more than ever expected. LOVE the product, Will be ordering more of your products for my V Star in the future!
Thank You!

2015 V Star 1300 Deluxe


Got the slam kit with rear spring and lowering kit. What a difference this made on the look and m.ost important on the handling! Feels like the bike is hugging the road, love how smooth the turning feels now.

2005 vstar 650 classic
panorama city


I got the slam package (lowering kit & progressive spring) set it at -2 1/4. Also put 4" over fork tubes from PCS. Bike looks good and rides even better like my own custom. Thanks to everyone @ PCS Good Service & Great Prices. Absolutely - Awesome THANKS AGAIN

James Goodwin
04 V-Star 1100 Classic
Arlington, Texas


I Just had to give my input on the lowering kit for my Roadliner. I have to say I was a little unsure about getting this installed, but after just a few miles with it, I just love it. Improved my cornering handling and maneuvering around in parking lots ( I'm a short rider). For those out there who are thinking about it, go for it. Just one negative would be if you have long pipes your leaning angle is going to get shorter. Your pipes may scrape.

Roadliner midnight 07
Lakewood, CA


Lowered my bike with the lowering kit and it couldn't have been easier. The instructions were easy to follow, The hardest part of the process was breaking the bolts loose. The bike does not bottom out even though I dropped it 2 and a quarter inches.
If you have been thinking about lowering your bike than this kit is it. Go Ahead and do it, You know you want to.

M Chavez
Yamaha V Star 1300
Garland, Tx


fitted pcs forward controls and lowering kit to my xvs1100 forward controls look great and are really smooth to use .had trouble removing bolts to fit lowering kit but once on it is so easy to adjust. hurry up with my next order

ken bartrup
Perth, wa


Just got the Potato Chip, Lowering Kit, and Forward Control Extenders.
WOW! Can't believe the difference this stuff made, my ride height is now 25", my balance is SOOOOO much better, and with my feet moved forward I feel like I'm riding my recliner down the highway. Seat is very comfortable, infinitely better than stock despite the thin profile. I'm 6'1" and 225 lbs, but there is still plenty of cushion. The forward controls were easy to install, took maybe 20 minutes. The lowering kit was a little more difficult, but with a Sears bike lift or similar it shouldn't take you more than an hour or so. I am not too handy with a wrench, I don't even change my own oil, but I got them installed with minimal headaches. All in all I'd say I am more than thrilled with the products I purchased and recommend them and Pacific Coast Star to anyone looking for quality affordable accessories.

Trevor Hegert
2009 V-Star 1300
Hikory, NC


After getting my license last Labor Day weekend and riding a 2003 Suzuki 650 Savage for 4 months, I was ready for a bigger bike. My husband insisted that I should go with a V-Star 950 which I bought at the beginning of June 2010. A week later we headed for for a 5 day 1300+ mile trip. I'm only 4'11", the bike was way too high for me and 3 times in 3 days I dumped it - I HATED the bike and really had second thoughts about buying it.
If I was ever going to ride it again, I was either going to have to get 'lifts' on my boots, get 'ghost wheels', or try to find a seat that would put me closer to the ground. I am so glad that I found PCS's website and after checking out my options, I was really happy to see that they offered a lowering kit. I thought I'd try it prior to sinking money into a seat and I am so glad I did. My husband spent about 20 minutes installing it and I cannot believe the difference. Just 2-1/4" lower made such a huge difference! I'm now able to sit with my feet flat on the ground and it's amazing to feel how much better the center of gravity is.
I have much more confidence and now instead of being nervous about the thought of stopping, I'm comfortable and pretty proud to be a woman biker. Thanks to PCS, I no longer have regrets about buying my V-Star 950.

Francie Coloutti
2010 V-Star 950
Poultney, VT


Was hard installing lowering kit and the RC components wheel at the same time, but, WOW I can't say enough how great the ride is even lowered 2 1/4 " it rides better than the stock I even have it set at the lowest tension setting and it does not bottom out. I rode over every bad bump I could find. Install can be done at home with a lift, a torque wrench and basic tools but you have to have a suspension shop change the spring on the shock for you. I did it with a friend in my garage, but I was also swapping in a new rim for the first time so you can probably cut 2 hours off that because I was new to the work.
The Ride Is Way Better Than Stock.
Believe it!!

Rob Richardson
08 v star 1100 custom lowered with gangster rear fender
Hagaman, NY


Well, I bought a lot of stuff from PCS so here is a breakdown of it all, First and foremost, I purchased the monster power package #1. Installed it and HOLY (You know what)!! What a phenomenal package. Power is INCREDIBLE! It runs very well, starts very well even in cold weather, and still gets high 40's for MPG. (Need a few more long runs to get an exact figure) Everything was of the highest quality and included new gaskets as well. The Monster Pro pipe sounds great and it looks pretty good too.
Second I purchased the 6 Degree triple trees, front and rear progressive springs. I was a bit concerned after calculating the new trail numbers, but put it on and tried it, I retained the stock forks as they get lengthened 1.5" with the kit, it's a whole new bike. It used to take some muscle to get it to corner, now you just think corner and it reacts. NO high speed wobble or any unstable feeling, even right to the end of the needle. FANTASTIC handling. The springs make it actually ride without bottoming out, they improved cornering at least 2x as I am not dragging the pegs instantly due to bagged out suspension.
Third I purchased a bunch of other items, pullback risers with tach (fantastic quality and brought the bars into my reach just perfectly). Remote oil filter kit (a necessity with one piece pipes).
Lastly my very favorite part of it all..... PCS "spiked" forward controls. Words can not do these justice, the pics on the website can not do them justice. They are made with unbelievable quality, the chrome is perfect, the thickness is unreal and the look is so awesome I wanted to mount them on my shop wall !!! But I installed them instead ! They are completely adjustable, although that is not mentioned in the instructions (good note here PCS guys, explain and detail the adjustability of these units) I just decided to disassemble them and found that they have infinite adjustability. These controls looked so good that I HAD to buy the matching handlebar spiked grips with rubber inserts to match. And as usual they were higher quality than even I was expecting.
All in all..... Fantastic products and fair pricing from PCS. I have and will recommend you to anyone who checks out my ride. THANKS for making my V-Star better than I ever thought it could be.

Chad Schulz
2007 V-Star 1100 Custom
Thompson, MB


Hi Guys,
Just want to thank you for hookin' me up with some great products. I couldn't have asked for any better outcome. The combination 10.6/1 pistons and the Triple X2 cams really turned that little 1100 into a Beast!
The Speedometer could have used a few more marks on it! Results, 40'+ black rubber on the pavement. The new progressive springs front and back make taking curves effortless at far faster speeds than previous, no more dive/bounce from centrifugal forces when you started to push it a little.

Mike from Minnesota
V Star 1100


30 minutes later and 2" lower in the back. Love it. Only trouble was getting the top bolt out. Not a problem once you take off the little swing arm guard that is attached to the inner right side of the swing arm (8mm bolt) just in line with the upper ploate bolt. Since the arm is now raised 1 - 2", the little guard is no longer needed. Also, go ahead before starting the process by putting the rear tire on a 2 x 6 or two so when your jack is released...there is enough clearance for the jack to be removed.(unless you have a true 0 profile motorcycle jack). Il love the new look but it was for her footing. Either reason it looks great and is very functional.

Dog House
2009 V Star 950
Semmes, AL


Slam Package rocks, easy to install and what a difference in handling.
Thanks again,

Wayne Fras
2008 Yamaha Raider
Calgary, Ab


I was skeptical at first when I received the lowering kit, but what a difference!! Cary at customer service's the best !! Now I'm waiting for the potato seat, I'm convinced that it will be excellent as the L/K THANK'S for the right stuff rightly priced !!

warrior '04


Just wanted to say that the compression springs I just put in my V Star 1300 from you guys are awesome. Such an enormous improvement over the stock sponges that came with it. You guys rock.

Mark Wiecklien
V Star 1300


I installed my slam package lowering kit on my 2008 Raider it rides and handles great.

Peter Buda
2008 Yamaha Raider
Liverpool, NY


Thank you for making these quality products for the VStar, I purchased the lowering links and 4" risers and the bike is a whole different animal now. The rear is slammed and looks and rides great. thanks again.

Darryl Lamiell
V Star 950
Painesville, OH


I received and installed my progressive rear coil spring. The ordering and shipment was hassle free. The function of the coil spring is just as impressive. The ride and handling are much better.

Jim Michaluk
2000 Road Star
Medicine Hat, AB


Hi just put the PCS lowering kit on my 2005 midnight warrior was pretty straight forward instruction excellent kit look is very menacing now thanks again

2005 Midnight Warrior
Kelowna, BC


I purchased the lowering kit and my husband and I installed it in short order. I was amazed at how quickly you can lower your bike 2 1/4", now my bike is a low ridin bitch, not to mention the ground reach, I'm less than 5' 2!! Thanks PCS for a great product!

Dana Yarbrough
VStar 1100
Lexington, NC


When I bought my V-Star last year the one thing that really stood out at me was how high the rear suspension sat. When the bike was on its side stand you could actually see the tread on the top of the rear tire from the side...far too high for my approval! The price of the lowering kit almost seemed too cheap to be good but after reading all the positive reviews I went ahead and ordered one. Wow, what an amazing difference it makes! The bike sits like I always thought it should and looks awesome. The kit was very easy to install, took me about 25 minutes. The ride is just as comfortable as before. Hats off to PCS for making a great product at a great price!

Mike Cooper
2004 V-Star 1100 Classic
East Greenville, PA


You guys are great you are the only ones that could help me with the great lowering kit available that is adjustable. As you said it takes about 30 minutes to fit and is really easy to fit bike looks great know and will be back to get allot more gear for my bike

Dave Larmar
2006 1100 v star custom
Brisbane, QLD Australia


I have installed the lowering kit and forward controls on my bike, what a difference! Get a lot compliments. Look forward to adding on a lot of more goodies. Thanks!

R.A. Casanov
2003 V-Star 1100 Custom
San Antonio, TX


Bought my bike new and have put almost 18,000 miles on it in the last 2 years. The first two weeks were the most fun until this last week. I ordered a new Progressive Rear Spring from PCS and installed it last weekend. Words can't convey how much nicer my bike handles and rides. My wife who rides on the back pad (bun cruncher) says it's the BEST money I've spent on my bike. I've tried a few bikes here with the 1,000 pound springs on them and I'll take this one ANY day of the week. Very soft yet totally controlled ride with or without a passenger. I've tried to bottom out and have yet to get that job done. I've also not been able to get the nerve up high enough to scrape my floorboards like I could before. No squat in the corners it just plain flat GOES !! Thanks again PCS for a great product and super service.

Brad Lundberg
2003 Roadstar Silverado
W. Simsbury, CT


Cary & Greg
So far my seat, rear spring, lowering kit, handlebars, cables, pipes, and grips have all come from PCS because you guys sell great stuff and provide excellent service. Keep up the good work...my bike isn't finished yet.
Best Regards,

Cliff Schaumburg
'04 VStar Custom
Fairfax, VA


After looking around trying to find lowering kits for my bike I checked out the Swedish sight www.yamahacustomclub.se and found that a guy had ordered a lowering kit from PCS. The price was right so I ordered a kit. 10 day's later the mail came, and last Thursday I entered the garage and replaced the "dogbones". I can't use words to tell how surprised I got when I saw the result! The whole bike changed before my eyes and it got "complete". With the dragbarhandle, pullback raisers, supertrapp exhaust system (modified), the bike went from ‘almost finished’ to ‘finished’. The comments from other biker's was: That's a nice bike!! and, eye's almost popped out. Thank You for fast shipping and a price that's right and most important, a product that really makes my bike look the way I want. Best regards from Sweden!

Christer Edengrand
Yamaha XVS 1100 custom
Malmoe, Sweden


Went down to pcs, and got the slam deal (lowering kit, potato chip seat)!!!!!!!!!. The kit slammed the seat height down a couple inches (about 5) which was perfect for me. I’m glad I chose the pcs lowering kit and the seat looks and feels great.
The custom bikes they got on the site looked even better in the shop! thx pcs!!!

Vstar classic 1100
Las Vegas, NV


Just wanted to say thanks guys for a great product. Installed the 4 stage lowering kit on my bike and got instant responses wherever I ride. Thanks for having such a large selection of custom parts for the VStar. I really love my bike and the more I do to it the more others love it. Thanks

David Blanton
2003 1100 vstar classic
Gaffney, SC


My son and I both bought the Lowering Kits. Easy to install and the bikes look great. We have had lots of questions already and are pointing people your way.

Phil Watton
V-Star 1100 Classic
Edmonton, Canada


The guest service that booth of Cary and Greg give was/is wonderful, and not just customer service. After riding almost 100 miles to their shop without an appointment (sorry Guys) I was invited in as a guest, a fellow biker. I can't tell you how refreshing that is. If your like me and don't know that much about how bike's work but know what LOOK your going for, Pacific Coast Star is the first and last place to get all the toys for your ride.
Oh! the Lowering kit - in one word S W E E T.
Price, service these Guys are the best!

Bien B
2004 V-Star Classic
El Cajon, Ca


Cary and Greg, thought I'd drop a few lines. I purchased the Potato Chip, Pillion Seat and Lowering Kit. PCS' Seat is very comfortable and like other riders have said it feels like your riding in the bike, not on top of it. The bike looks GREAT sits 22 3/8" ground to seat standing up, get plenty of compliments THANKS. Give out your wed address to all that ask, highly recommended. Nice doing business with you both

Rich Kamzelski
03 VStar 1100 Custom
Rochester, PA


Thanks, guys, for the quick email reply, the fast service, and a great product. Got the new 4-way lowering kit and installed it on V-Star 1100 Silverado in about 30 minutes (including coffee). Bike looks great, and rides better in my opinion (did a little 6-hour run after installation)! Already looking at the list for more products from PCS! GREAT JOB! I'm sending other guys your way!

Reverend Spencer (Tac) Haygood
2003 V-Star 1100 Silverado
Marietta, GA


I just had to drop a not to say what an exceptional product you folks have. I started out by purchasing your lowering kit for my V Star 1100 Classic, and man, what a huge difference it made. I then had to purchase your Potato Chip seat and what an even bigger difference that made. It gave my bike the exact look I as looking for. I placed my order for the seat on a Sunday evening and had my new seat on my bike by Thursday afternoon. I couldn't be happier. And I forgot to mention that the lowering kit took me a total of 45 minutes to install. Thanks again for making my bike the bike I had always imagined.

James Barrios
2003 V STAR 1100 Classic
Whittier, Ca


Just wanted to let you guys know I love the potato chip seat. I was surprised how much more comfortable it was over the stock setup. That with my pcs lowering kit really gave my bike the look I was after. Just ordered a new fender and tank from you guys and can't wait to get them so they can go out for paint. Still deciding on the style rear fender I will purchase from you. Keep up the good work. You guys blow allot of the other vendors out of the water. Ride on

James Intinarelli
"02" V-Star 1100 custom
Franklin, NA


I was very pleased with the lowering kit for my Road Star, it took me a whole 20 minutes to install, the directions were easy to follow. I will be ordering a seat from PCS soon. The bike looks and rides great, I am waiting for my new aluminum wheels and my "Gold Leaf" to finish it up. Sits nice and low now......... thanks

Jim Snyder
2000 Road Star
Binghamton, NY


I bought the lowering kit. Installed it in a 1/2 hr. Love it.I can slam it when I ride solo and when the misses wants to go it takes 3-5 minutes to put it back to stock setting. I'm gonna get the original seat here pretty quick. Thanks PCS

Steve Richey
02' 1100 Classic
Compton, IL


I just wanted to say that the Chip seat is awesome! It gives the bike a much more custom look, the way it follows the frame and fender lines. Of course, the lowering kit adds to the look as well. Together, they make the bike look and feel low, lean, and mean. The stock seat is in route to you guys. Thanks again.

Dean Bernard
2002 V-Star 1100 Custom
New Orleans, LA


AWESOME seat!! I bought the ultimate slam package. I love the look of the seat and when I slammed the bike it even looked better! Installation was very easy. It took about an hour and half. Great customer service! Greg had every answer and was very willing to help in any way he could. Received the core refund check in record time! Very pleased and will recommend you guys to as many bikers as I can. I have already had allot of comments on the seat and the lowering kit. Great job!!

Thanks so much

Scott Riley
2003 Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic
Terre Haute, IN


Where to start? I initially ordered the Ultimate Slam kit and an AIS kit in February, and had them installed the day I got them - WOW what a difference! I swear I sit 4 inches lower than stock. (of course I had to shovel snow to get the bike into the garage from the shed, so I couldn't ride it yet - arghhhh!)
Then I decided spring was a ways off and went ahead and ordered the air cleaner and had Greg and Cary Chrome it for me as well.
The bike is now together, the snow is gone (almost) and I've had her out on the road again. I can't believe the difference in the feel of riding now with the chip seat and lowering kit. And the look of that DPM air cleaner is fantastic! Thanks again guys for your wonderful and fast service, as well as a great product!

Peter Leland
2001 V-Star 1100 Custom
Orrs Island ,ME


Hey guys, received the ultimate slam package today and installed the seat and lowering kit in 1 hour (by myself). The seat fits me like a glove and really does change the appearance of the bike for the better. The lowering kit is awesome very easy to install and adjust the best thing is if I get tired of riding LOW I can adjust it up a bit for a different look all together. You guys have been a great pleasure to work with and will continue to do business with you and tell others about you. Thanks again for your knowledge and professional attitude.

99 v-star 1100 Custom
Oklahoma City, OK


You guys hit the nail on the head. What a feeling to be part of the bike instead of on it. After getting the chip seat and the lowering kit, I spend as much time staring as I do riding. Thanks!

Jeff Saffir
2001 1100 Classic
Newport News, VA


Anyone interested in lowering the RoadStar should look into the Pacific Coast Star lowering kit. Excellent quality; simple installation (and I'm no wrench -- but I'm starting to feel like one). Took about 75 minutes from start to finish. Definitely improved the ride and the look. Make sure you have a standard and a stubby 17mm wrench, a 17mm socket, and a universal joint adapter for that one hard to reach bolt at the bottom of the relay arm. Take my word for it (from someone who didn't want to grind a part to do the flip --which I know is free), the PCS lowering kit is worth the price. Works great with their Potato Chip seat. BTW, I don't work for 'em and I don't make any $$$ from 'em.

Bob DeYoung
2000 RoadStar
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Just got your lowering kit in the mail 30 minutes ago and guess what? Its in already and it looks awesome! Very easy to install, clear illustrated directions, and a ride that feels factory. Ground clearance for me is great. There aint nothin like the tire up in the fender, great job guys I am very satisfied and will recommend this product to anyone. thank you,
You guys are on your way!

2001 1100 V-star Classic
Wilmington, DE


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