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We want you to shop with confidence with the Pacific Coast Star Price Match Guarantee.

How does PCS’ price–match guarantee work?
   If you find a lower price anywhere else on a new identical item, just show us where you found the lower price when you buy the item at PCS and we will match the price, or within 14 days of your PCS purchase and we will refund you the difference. If you have not yet purchased the product from us, you may go ahead and place your order online, and then contact us, or contact us before placing the order, and we will provide instructions on how to proceed with the order. Shipping costs will not be refunded once an item has shipped from our facility.

What is considered "proof" of price?
   If you have already purchased the item, the best way to show proof of price is to notify us where you found the better price. We reserve the right to call the competitor's store to verify the lower price and availability of the item regardless of what is shown on their web site. Why? Often companies do not update prices on their website to reflect cost changes due to the fact that they may not sell the item very often, or for other reasons.

Which items does PCS price match?
   The item must be identical, including model number, components and U.S. warranty (FYI, warranties are not extended by the manufacturer on eBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.  purchases). The item must be in stock and available for purchase at that price from an authorized U.S. reseller, whose authorization we reserve the right to verify. We will not price match non “Brick and Mortar” Stores which PCS reserves the right to verify.

Will PCS match another company’s price when combined with an instant rebate, mail–in rebate, gift check or gift card, or free or discounted item?
   PCS does not honor other company’s rebates. If another company offers a product that comes with a mail–in rebate, gift check, gift card or an equivalent, we will only match the price you pay at the point of purchase and will not take the mail–in rebate, gift check, gift card or equivalent into account.

Are delivery charges included in the price match?
   Yes, in the 48 continuous states and only shipping costs are clearly marked. If the other company's shipping and handling fees are not supplied, we will add our shipping charges to the other company's item price(s). But you must notify us of the shipping difference before the item has shipped from our facility. Remember many companies have hidden shipping costs that you may not be aware of (i.e. oversize / overweight shipping "adjustments"). Once it has shipped we will not refund shipping cost.

What if the competitor does not have the item in stock or has limited quantities or is selling a discontinued product?
   Sometimes a retailer will advertise a very low price for a product but have only limited quantities in stock or has been discontinued by them. If the item is out of stock or the competitor has limited quantities of an item, it is not eligible for price matching.

What if the local competitor’s item is not listed as being limited quantity, but the item is not in stock?
   If a competitor is out of stock of the particular item, we will not match the competitor’s price. “In stock” means that the item is available for same day pickup or can be delivered to your address within 7 days by the competitor. We reserve the right to call the local competitor to verify if the item is in stock.

What does it mean not to match a competitor's price that results in a price match?
   PCS will not price match to a competitor's price that has already been reduced by a price match.

Are quantities limited on price–matched products?
   We may limit the quantities of price–matched items, particularly if the other company does. In addition, we reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer.

Does PCS match stores that require a membership?
   PCS will match membership retail competitors. Customers must present their current membership card along with adequate proof of the price that is being matched. PCS must be able to verify membership pricing.

Are there other Limitations?
   Due to the nature of online shopping, we may choose at our discretion to not price match. At that time, we would recommend for you to purchase the item from the competitor. But rest assured we want your business, and will do whatever we can to earn it. PCS has the right to discontinue this offer at any time at our discretion.

Please feel free to shop with confidence, and contact us with any questions (509) 466-3410

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