Pacific Coast Cruisers
Seat FAQs

Q: How does the seat program work?

A: All of our (PCS Seats) seats are sold on an exchange basis. Once we receive your order,  we hand make a seat and ship it to you. You try it out for a week, (try that with any other seat company!) if you like it keep it, and send your stock seat back to us. If your not happy with it, return it for a refund (minus shipping) no questions asked. When we receive the seat in return, we inspect it for any damage, or scuff marks.

Q: Are your seats much more comfortable than stock?

A: Believe it or not, we get that questions allot! Really, how do you expect us to answer that question? Well here is what we say: There is no honest way for us to answer that question. Since comfort is relative, what is comfortable to one customer may not be to another. This is why we offer the chance to try our seats before you are committed to keeping them. If the seat is what you are looking for, keep it, and return your OEM seat. If it isn't, just return ours and we will refund the cost of the seat. Try that with most other companies! Furthermore, most of our customers must think it is a big improvement, because we have a less than 5% return rate on our seats.

Q: What if my seat has scuffs or damage and I would like to order one from you?

A: Call us, many times we can replace the damaged parts for little or no cost. Some damaged seats can be converted into a Potato Chip seat which will get all new material anyway. If that's the case, often we will be able to give you a non damaged seat at no cost to you. On the other hand, some seats are more "rare" and because of that we cannot convert them into Potato Chip seats as often, so we must charge for the repair. If that happens we will call you to explain the problem, and inform you of the cost, and options. If your concerned about your old seat, Call Us First... We will do everything we can to work something out for you.

Q: How long does it take to get the seat after I order it?

A: Our concern has always been that the cost of a quality aftermarket seat is overwhelming for most riders. So, from the day we began building seats, we dedicated ourselves to keeping the price of our seats very affordable. This means we continually get a very large number of orders. The overwhelming majority of our customers understand the wait may be longer than desired, but accept that due to our price and quality.  Due to the high volume of seats we produce, we will not commit to a deadline nor will we entertain complaints about lead times. Please be assured that no charge will be placed on your card until the seat is shipped. If you call us we will do our best to keep you updated with regards to your shipping status. If the seat is outside of your desired time frame, we will be happy to cancel your order, but rest assured that 95% + of our customers now realize it was well worth the wait. We could of course raise our prices significantly to slow down the number of orders, in attempt to reduce the delivery time. But as a company we have deliberately chosen not to.

Q: Can I get a custom COLOR seat?

A: Yes. For a custom color we recommend going to a paint or hardware store, and selecting a paint chip from their paint chip board. We have many colors to select from, and we will do our best to match it as close as possible. Note, custom seats are subject to non return. Call for specific information and pricing.

Q: I got my seat, and it has been raining for a week and haven't had a chance to try it yet. Do I need to send my stock seat back?

A: As much as possible we need the seats to be back to us within 30 days, but if you need more time to try it out, due to weather, or other problems, give us a call. We will be happy to work with you.

Q: What if I want to keep my stock seat, AND you new seat.

A: Well, unfortunately, that is not an option we provide. But here is an option. All we need is a quality core seat to replace the seat we sent you. Many times it is very easy to find a used seat online, or at a dealer. If you cannot find a used seat, and choose not to return a core, YOU WILL BE CHARGED THE OEM REPLACEMENT COST OF THE SEAT!!! So it will be cheaper to find a used seat, and ship it back to us. Remember, the core MUST be the same style seat you received. (i.e. an 1100 Classic drivers seat core must be an 1100 Classic drivers seat)