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I purchased the triple X cams, fcr 39 flat slides, potato chip seat, and some other odds and ends. My bike runs awesome!!! It is so much fun to ride. I have people ride it that cannot believe the power it puts out. Now I have added some other performance parts like the Dyna 3000 and the cobra pro hp 2 to 1, but man all this stuff works. It took me and my brother a while to get it dialed in but now that it is, amazing.
I would recommend PCS products any day. And Greg with PCS was a great help, very knowledgeable about everything and spent a lot of time with me on the phone answering my questions and brainstorming on some of the issues I was having.
Here is a quick video I shot before adding the Dyna 3000 and adjusting the pilot jets. Believe it or not my bike would do 110 in total before the mods in 5th and it took forever to get there, in 4th I am hitting 105 and it's hitting the limiter at 6250RPM where I have it set. Unbelievable. :) Future mods is the monster race 2 to 1 header that will get rid of the 90 elbow on the number one cylinder.
And to be clear I did not do pistons, I am running stock pistons.
Front yard
At the shop after syncing carbs
 Again these were before it was totally tuned, went one clip richer on needles and about a turn and a half richer on pilots and am not running TPS at all.

2001 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic
Houston, TX


I bought the pro r hypercharger and monster pro exhaust and pcs jet kit, went 2 sizes up in jets, it was over xmas, but was ordered just in time for me to get the goods to my mechanic to install before going on holidays, and wow I'm setting car alarms off in car parks and getting second and third looks from everyone! Including harley riders. I recommend a ais removal kit and if you are as far away as I am get the extra baffles, as this pipe is attention seeking.

 P.S. I'm saving .3 to .4 of a liter per 100kms with I'd say 20% more power.

ryan parkinson
v star 1100 09 model
beerwah, australia


just wanted to let you know how impressed i am with your products and service....purchased monster pro kit seats suspension parts  got me grinning every time i get on my bike thanks alot...


..ps how about a PCS hat


Well, I bought a lot of stuff from PCS so here is a breakdown of it all, First and foremost, I purchased the monster power package #1. Installed it and HOLY (You know what)!! What a phenomenal package. Power is INCREDIBLE! It runs very well, starts very well even in cold weather, and still gets high 40's for MPG. (Need a few more long runs to get an exact figure) Everything was of the highest quality and included new gaskets as well. The Monster Pro pipe sounds great and it looks pretty good too.
 Second I purchased the 6 Degree triple trees, front and rear progressive springs. I was a bit concerned after calculating the new trail numbers, but put it on and tried it, I retained the stock forks as they get lengthened 1.5" with the kit, it's a whole new bike. It used to take some muscle to get it to corner, now you just think corner and it reacts. NO high speed wobble or any unstable feeling, even right to the end of the needle. FANTASTIC handling. The springs make it actually ride without bottoming out, they improved cornering at least 2x as I am not dragging the pegs instantly due to bagged out suspension.
 Third I purchased a bunch of other items, pullback risers with tach (fantastic quality and brought the bars into my reach just perfectly). Remote oil filter kit (a necessity with one piece pipes).
 Lastly my very favorite part of it all..... PCS "spiked" forward controls. Words can not do these justice, the pics on the website can not do them justice. They are made with unbelievable quality, the chrome is perfect, the thickness is unreal and the look is so awesome I wanted to mount them on my shop wall !!! But I installed them instead ! They are completely adjustable, although that is not mentioned in the instructions (good note here PCS guys, explain and detail the adjustability of these units) I just decided to disassemble them and found that they have infinite adjustability. These controls looked so good that I HAD to buy the matching handlebar spiked grips with rubber inserts to match. And as usual they were higher quality than even I was expecting.
 All in all..... Fantastic products and fair pricing from PCS. I have and will recommend you to anyone who checks out my ride. THANKS for making my V-Star better than I ever thought it could be.

Chad Schulz
2007 V-Star 1100 Custom
Thompson, MB


Hi Guys,
Just want to thank you for hookin' me up with some great products. I couldn't have asked for any better outcome. The combination 10.6/1 pistons and the Triple X2 cams really turned that little 1100 into a Beast!
The Speedometer could have used a few more marks on it! Results, 40'+ black rubber on the pavement. The new progressive springs front and back make taking curves effortless at far faster speeds than previous, no more dive/bounce from centrifugal forces when you started to push it a little.

Mike from Minnesota
V Star 1100


I have installed my seats and my x2 cams . wow the seats are comfortable and the cams work well with the programmer and pipes and hypercharger .
Thanks again,

Darin S
2006 V Star 1100 Classic
Saskatoon, SK Canada


I purchased the Monster Package Full Kit 1, 10.6 to 1 Compression Pistons, 39 mm Flat Side Keihin carbs, Monster pipes, etc. All I can say is WHEW and HOLD ON! The horse power doubled. My dyno sheet says it all. But the proof is in the throttle. If you're thinking about buying another bike, DON'T. After everything got dialed in the results have been incredible. Heads are turning all the time when they hear me coming and watch me go bye bye!
I also ordered new custom wheels and tires, 18 x 5 rear and 19 front. I can't wait to get other must haves, tank, rake kit etc from PCS. The bike is HOT! I get the once over from all the custom chopper and drag bike owners. Harley owners eat my dust!! It's all true...BELIEVE IT.....the guys at PCS are top shelf!

Terry "TippyD" Day
00' VStar Custom
Washington, DC


I purchased the #1 Monster Package and the Ultimate Slam Kit and I am totally impressed. You guys are the greatest for support and your products live up to what you say they do. I have practically doubled my horsepower and anyone who is anti Japanese bike is having a change of heart. My friends find it difficult to believe an 1100cc bike can be transformed into a scream machine. Thanks guys, I am loving the rush!!!!!!!

Confesor " Fes" Nieves
2002 V-Star 1100 Classic


I am now running PCS xxx +2 cams and loving them! great performance from low rpm to 7000 +

Thanks guys,

Ed hermanson
01 vstar 1100 custom
Monsoon, ma



West Liberty, KY


Installed the "Monster Kit" myself with a little help over the phone from Greg. Everything was straight forward & fit just right. I was very satisfied with the performance gains. This bike hauls now especially in mid to top end, Now that there actually is a top end. I am impressed with the customer service, it can be rather difficult to get parts ordered over the phone to actually make there way to Canada. Greg also hooked me up with a back rim & 200mm tire, which fits the look of my bike really well. Thanks Guys.

2003 VStar 1100 Custom Chopper


Never mind seats, letís talk performance. The "Monster Kit" rocks. You won't believe the gains. I was able to install all of the parts myself with a little coaching over the phone fro Greg & referencing the service manual. I had the Yamaha dealership dial in the carbs. All I can say is wow, hang on & try not to smile to hard.

Dwight Steenhart
03 VStar 1100 Custom
Drayton Valley, AB


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