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PCS Exhaust Testimonials

The "Thugstar" GP Exhaust is definitely a great sounding pipe. Deep tone and looks great.

Howard Lee
V STAR 1100


I bought the Monster Pro pipes and they look and sound awesome. They gave the bike a lot more power - and they are much louder than my stock pipes. I'm constantly getting a lot of attention because of them. I highly recommend these pipes!

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom
Brooktondale, NY


Got the Curburners and the jet kit....two words HOLY %$#^. If you want something totally different than what everyone else has and a complete head turner these are the pipes for you....LOUD and deep. These are aggressive pipes so if you are just looking to make a little noise they probably aren't for you, but if you want to make a statement...these are sweet

Nils Schroder
2005 Yamaha V-star 100 Custom
baltimore, md


yes i purchased the monster pro pipes and let me say that pacific coast star went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and the bike runs great. all the guys at the harley shop were very impressed with the pipes and the results they produced. thank you pacific coast star...

brian lowe
2005 yamaha roadstar


The Thugstar GP exhaust sounds like no other pipe that I have used in the past! It sounds incredible. Easy install, and a unique design.

Howard Lee
V STAR 1100


First impression unimpressed w/quality. I was wrong. I got the Thugstar pipes w/CeramiKrome, baffle and chrome tip. Sounds great looks great but you need to get the air plug off (AIS) kit. Slight backfiring on deceleration. My V-STAR 1100 sounds much bigger and badder than it actually is. Get them you'll be glad you did.

Tons of chrome
Derby, CT


Ok where to start, I have bought so much from these guys, and have been completely satisfied with all of it, all i need now is my curburner pipes. Just keep up the good work guys

2008 vstar 1100
Graham, NC


I ordered the Monster Pro 2 in 1 pipes and boy I am glad I did! The sound alone demands attention. I do believe loud pipes save lives and I tell ya what everyone hears me coming! Looking forward to purchasing more PCS products!!!

V Star 1100
Houston, TX



I purchased a set of your black Curburner pipes for my '08 v-star 1100 through Ebensburg Yamaha recently. I just got my bike back after having them, and a Hypercharger put on. Let me just say "HELL YEAH!!!" I can't believe the difference in my bike. It looks different, and it sounds freakin' awesome. I have been getting all kinds of compliments on the way it looks and sounds. I just wanted to let you guys know you defiantly have one satisfied customer who will continue to purchase products through you. Keep up the great work!

Ethan Marines
2008 V Star 1100
Ebensburg, WA


The pipes are great. They sound wicked. I would buy these again, and will, more than likely, sell a few sets of these to friends. The guys at the Yamaha shop loved them and wanted to know how to get them for themselves. I love the fact that I am the only person around here with the Monster Pro Pipes. Thanks.

Rob Garrison
V-star 100


Hi Cary, Greg, Potential customers,

Got my Monster Pro Pipe and lowering kit the other day, (shipping took awhile but apparently pipes were being made, no biggie) and wow, that's all I can say. This pipe totally makes my bike feel brand new, plenty of new found power and a sound that is definitely the envy of all the metric riders around my neighborhood! Installed the pipe and lowering kit myself took less than an afternoon with out too much hassle. Now the bike LOOKS and SOUNDS phenomenal! I will be doing more business with PCS in the future.

Joe Mulik
2005 V-Star 1100 Custom
St. Petersburg, FL


I thought I'd add to your testimonials to say that I flew from Hawaii to your shop in June, 2004, and you truly are good to your customers; and I really am pleased with my stainless steel spokes and hubs and the other goodies.
My bike is already slammed to the ground and your Monster Pro Pipes are unbelievable. I have had 4 friends who are H-D salesmen who say that if they didn't know better they would think they were listening to "the best sounding Harley-Davidson they have ever heard".
Also, I have been riding Harley's for 43 years - I have never been more pleased with a bike than my Yamaha.


Bryan Egan, VP
Minotaurs Motorcycle Club
Bryan Egan
2003 Yamaha Silver Edition Roadstar Silverado
Honolulu, HI


Just wanted you to know we got the install of the pipe all finished along with an air kit and carb jets and we are VERY happy. Bike runs GREAT and for all the hype, the pipe isn't that damn loud. We had Cobra slip-ons installed on stock head pipes before, and THEY were LOUD. Monster Pro is VERY mellow going down the road and the torque differences are incredible. When she does drop down a gear and hammers on it, it sounds like an angry hornet, VERY cool.
We stopped at the local Yamaha dealer and a guy came out and got to talking about the pipes. Before long every salesman there was out asking about it.
Thanks for a great product.

Art and Michelle Armfield


I heard from a friend about PCS and I thought I would check it out. After seeing the black monster pro pipes I couldn't stop thinking how they would look on my bike. I looked everywhere at different black pipes and nothing compared. I finally purchased them. I received them in about a week or so and when I installed them (I'm a first timer), the directions were very specific and went on without a hitch. After everything was put together the moment of truth was there. I expected to hear a sound that was a little better than before and then I started it and a prehistoric monster was born. These pipes made my bike a top fuel dragster. I could not be more pleased with my purchase and plan on returning to PCS for future purchases. Everyone asks me about my bike and now the elderly hate me... this makes me so happy. Thanks PCS

Staff has always been helpful with any questions I ever had with any of their products.

Joseph "Nekro" Beard
2004 Yamaha V-Star Silverado
Mesa, AZ


I installed the black monster-pro pipes. They look great. I was real happy with the performance increase. I also have your lowering kit and potato chip seat. You make good products.

Jimmy R. Northcutt
1999 Road Star
Deming, NM


I just installed the Monster Pro Pipes in place of Jardine Rumblers on my 1100. I love the pipes. Sound is much deeper at idle and at speed. Two friends have 1100's - 1 with Cobra, the other HK - both full pipes. The PCS pipes sound is deeper than both at idle and at speed. When you factor in the performance gains you can FEEL (especially with an Air kit), you can't go wrong with the pipes.

Thanks PCS for another great product and your usual great service.

D. Cunningham
Yamaha V* 1100 Classic
Sharpsburg, GA


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