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Oil / Lubricants

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#707 Synthetic Plus 20W-50 V-Twin Engine Oil

Extreme V-Twin Synthetic Plus is highly advanced, premium quality, multi-grade para-synthetic, high zinc, formulated specify for V-Twin engines. It can also be used in most motorcycles designed with a common engine/transmission lubrication system. Extreme V-Twin Synthetic Plus is versatile enough for extreme racing situations as well as every day

Extreme V-Twin Synthetic Plus Racing Oil is blended from the finest quality, severely hydrotreated, polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely hydroconverted and hydrocracked Group II+ base oils available. This unique combination provides Extreme V-Twin Synthetic Plus Racing Oil with these benefits:

  • Outstanding protection against the formation of high temperature deposits.
  • High detergency and dispercency to suppress the formation of deposits, sludge and varnish.
  • Active cleaning agents for increased and enhanced engine cleanliness and minimized coking deposits on critical engine parts.
  • Excellent shear stability to resist viscosity shear down and breakdown in high performance engines and transmissions.
  • Excellent high temperature/high shear performance to provide excellent oil film thickness and engine protection at high operating temperatures and shear rates, while minimizing lubricant frictional resistance.
  • Extra zinc anti-wear additives to protect the engine and transmission from excessive wear.
  • Reduced operating temperatures.
  • Increase mileage between oil changes.
Sug. Retail $9.95
PCS Price $8.95



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Full Synthetic 20W-50 V-Twin Engine Oil

  • Full-synthetic, ester-based oil specifically formulated for V-Twin engines
  • Advanced technology lowers operating temperatures, reduces wear, increases film strength and offers extended protection
  • Regenerative polymer system resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil offering exceptional viscosity retention in severe climates
  • Superior additive package keeps engines clean, protects against sludge and allows for trouble-free operation
  • Engineered and approved to be used as multi-compartment oil for V-Twin engines, transmissions and primaries
  • Quart bottles sold each
Sug. Retail $12.95
PCS Price $10.95


V-Twin Engine Oil

  • High-quality, mineral-based oil specifically formulated for V-Twin engines
  • Advanced polymer system resists mechanical shearing and heat breakdown of the oil offering unsurpassed viscosity retention
  • Industry-leading, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives protect critical engine components
  • Superior additive package keeps engines clean, protects against sludge and allows for trouble-free operation
  • Meets all warranty requirements for H-D engines and does not void new motorcycle warranties
Sug. Retail $7.95
PCS Price $6.95

30-05901, 30-06901, 30-15901

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Klotz 20W/40 Synthetic Lubricant KV-2040


Klotz 20W/40 Techniplate Synthetic Lubricant

  • Recommended for V-Twin engines
  • Certified warranty compliant: API-SL-SM service
  • Custom formulated for V-Twin air-cooled engines
  • Reduces engine temperature and detonation
  • High-temperature film strength improves anti-wear protection
  • SAE grade 20W/40
  • 1 quart bottle
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Sug. Retail $13.95
PCS Price $12.95


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