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Baron 1" Handlebar Riser

Risers on this page are designed to work with handlebars that are 1" thick in the clamping area.
Not designed to work with riser mounted Speedometers
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Baron DT Risers BA-7421RD

Baron DT Risers BA-7421RD

Baron DT Risers

  • Increases pullback by 2 without raising the height of their bar
  • It's now much easier to steer and control your bike with much less effort, and the new bar position takes the strain and pain out of your neck, shoulders and back
  • DT Risers are beautifully finished in chrome, which really sets off the front end of your Ride
  • Hardware and instructions are included and installation is easy - usually requiring under 30 minutes to install
Sug. Retail $152.95
PCS Price $134.95



Baron Kickback Risers Black BA-7410B

Baron Kickback Risers BA-7410U

Baron Kickback Risers

  • Kickback Risers provide immediate relief to those stretching to reach their handlebars
  • Our 4" risers provide approximately 1-1/2 of pullback
  • This repositioning of the rider's grip point reduces the stress and pain most riders feel in their neck, back and shoulders
  • Also, by relocating the bars closer to the rider the motorcycle becomes much easier to steer and control
  • Each riser has its own individual stylish cap with mounting hardware, which lightens the look of the front end and allows mounting of a tachometer or other accessory
  • Installs on most bikes with a 1" handlebar clamping area and works with most stock control lines and cables with simple re-routing on most models
  • 1/2" diameter mount bolts allow these risers to mount in most triple trees
  • Chrome or Smooth gloss black powder coat
Sug. Retail $152.95
PCS Price $134.95

BA-7410U, BA-7410B


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