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Brake Lighting
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Badlands Brake Illuminator MET-ILL

Brake Illuminator Module

  • Triple your visibility from the rear
  • Turns turn signals and taillights into a three run/brake/turn signal light combination
  • When you use a turn signal, the other signal remains a running light and the brake remains a brake light
  • Works with incandescent, halogen or LED bulbs
  • For rapid flashing, combine with the Metric Flash Pro module (below)
  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary connectors
Sug. Retail $104.95
PCS Price $92.95


Badlands Brake Illuminator Pro III ILL PRO III M

Brake Illuminator Pro III Module

  • Works with Metric or European motorcycles that have non-momentary or momentary turn signal switches
  • Has all the features of a turn signal control module: automatic canceling, front running lights and turn signals on single-filament halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs or LEDs
  • Also runs rear running lights, brake light functions, and rear turn signals on single-filament halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs or LEDs
  • Two independent wires for in-dash indicators
  • Built-in load equalizer
  • Can run up to 70W per corner/station
  • Push-to-cancel turn signal control is maintained
  • Emergency flasher mode does not build up heat

Sug. Retail $118.95
PCS Price $105.95



Küryakyn Run / Turn / Brake Control Module 4710

Run / Turn / Brake Control Module

  • Module makes single-filament or single-circuit turn signals on the rear of your bike function as running lights, turn signals and brake lights
  • Intended for use with LED, Halogen Silver Bullets or other custom turn signals you installed on the bike
  • Can be used with stock turn signals if red lenses are installed

Sug. Retail $91.95
PCS Price $76.95


Küryakyn Triple Whammy Run / Turn / Brake Control Module 4602

Triple Whammy Run / Turn / Brake Control Module

  • Changes stock turn signals into run-brake-turn lights with easy plug-and-play installation
  • Optional flash mode flashes the taillights when the brakes are used - really gets the attention of drivers following you
  • Includes plug-and-play run-turn-brake controller
  • Includes replacement lenses or bulbs to update your turn signals to red lenses
  • V Star 650 (2004 - Current)

  • V Star 950 (2009 - Current)

  • V Star 1100 (2004 - Current)

  • V Star 1300 (2007 - Current)

  • Stryker (2011 - Current)

  • Road Star (2004 - Current)

Note: For use on bikes with OEM turn signals

Sug. Retail $123.95
PCS Price $101.95



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