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Adjustable Lowering Kits

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The PCS Adjustable Lowering kits

 In early 2000 Pacific Coast Star was the ORIGINAL company to introduce a multi-position lowering kit, at that time for the Yamaha V Star 1100. Later that same year we improved on that lowering kit introducing our PCS Easy Adjust system and began making them for  for different models of motorcycles. With our New Easy Adjust System, it was finally possible to easily and quickly adjust between height settings without removing linkage bolts and in just a couple of minutes.

Since then, as other companies have attempted to compete with our Easy Adjust kit, ours have clearly stood out above the rest with the ability to change quickly and easily for solo riding, then to loaded riding, and back to solo with little effort. Be aware, any lowering kit that uses our adjustment method, is simply a cheap counterfeited "knock off" of our kit. All of our Lowering Kits are proudly made by us in the U.S.A.

 Here's are the steps for changing height settings:

The Competition's Lowering Kits

  1. Remove the nut on the suspension bolt
  2. Jack rear of the bike up
  3. Carefully raise or lower the rear of the bike with your jack until you hit the exact point that relieves the pressure off the bolt so you can slide the bolt out. Slightly too high or too low and it won't come out.
  4. Next, move the linkage on the nut side so you can remove the bolt bushing (assuming you got the pressure off correctly, if not re-adjust) so the bolt will be able to clear the frame member when you remove it
  5. Move the bolt back and forth to get the bolt bushing to break loose, and slowly work the bushing out one direction, and the bolt the other direction until it's free.
  6. Jack the bike up or down (depending on what setting you are going to)
  7. Once again slowly adjust the jack up or down until you get the linkage bolt hole perfectly lined up with the swingarm bolt hole while remembering that if your just a fraction off the bolt will bind up, and not go in.
  8. Re-insert the bolt, but not all the way yet,
  9. Push the bolt sleeve back in from the other side of the bike,
  10. Re-align that linkage to the swingarm hole,
  11. While keeping both sides aligned, push bolt the remainder of the way through
  12. Install nut and tighten
  13. Lower jack
  14. Go wash you hands and tell your friends sorry for the wait.



Pacific Coast Cruisers' Lowering Kit

  1. Loosen Nut (no need to remove it)
  2. Jack rear of the bike up
  3. Flip the kit to whichever height you want
  4. Lower bike back down
  5. Tighten nut
  6. - - - -
  7. Grab a donut and cup of coffee while you wait for your friend to finish adjusting his kit
  8. Wait,
  9. Avoid looking at your friend's plumber's crack while he's still trying to adjust his kit.
  10. Try to forget what you just saw
  11. Remind your friend  that your ready to go
  12. Hide your friends wrench while he's trying to get everything lined up, and eat his donut
  13. Enjoy your ride!
  14. Remember to remind your friend how much easier it was to adjust yours every time you stop for gas and food. Tell him where you bought it.

(You may have noticed our kit takes the same number of steps, but steps 6 through 14 are so much fun!)

The positions the kits provide are

 V Star 950 and V Star 1100 are: Stock, 3/4" lower , 1 1/2" lower, and 2 1/4" below stock
 V Star 1300 and Stryker are: 1" lower and 2 1/4" below stock
Volusia C50 and M50 are: 1" lower and 2 1/4" below stock

Our kit is very easy to install (takes about 15 - 30 minutes) and requires no permanent modifications to your bike. Installation does not require you to remove the shock, spring or tire for installation. Our kit does not change the stiffness or the comfort of the ride. Once installed, changing between the settings takes a 17mm wrench and a couple of minutes. Every kit comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Technical Support for any questions you may have during installation. So when you purchase a Pacific Coast Cruisers lowering kit, you know you are getting...

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