Pacific Coast Cruisers
International and Non 48 State Shipping Terms

We are happy to ship Internationally and outside of the 48 contiguous states. But there are some things to consider when placing your order.

Liability: PCS offers international shipping as a convenience for international customers, but any and all risk is assumed by the customer including but not limited to total loss of order. Since we cannot control the reliability or integrity of international shipping carriers, the customer must evaluate and assume the risk(s) involved in international shipping and agrees to by placing an order.

Shipping Carriers: In most cases we will ship packages using USPS Priority Post. In some cases we have no option (such as large or overweight boxes). In those cases we will ship UPS or DHL.

Shipping Charges: Pacific Coast Cruisers (PCS) cannot control shipping rates. Although we are happy to ship these orders, you are responsible for the shipping charges. MOST orders will require additional shipping charges which are not calculated in our online shopping cart. If you need shipping costs, contact us before you place the order. We will be happy to provide an estimate of the shipping costs. Once an order is placed, requests for shipping costs must be made within 24 hours of at the order, or customer assumes acceptance to shipping costs charged. When a request for shipping cost is made, PCS will respond with an estimate of shipping costs. If you do not accept the shipping charges you must notify us within 24 hours or the order will ship, and the customer accepts any and all costs. Once a shipment has been tagged, shipping charges WILL NOT be reimbursed. Items marked Free Shipping or have Pre Set shipping rates are for the 48 contiguous US states only. Any shipping charges shown at checkout will be applied towards shipping cost.

Third Party Shippers: Due to the unverifiable nature and risk of using third party shippers, PCS will not use any orders via Third Party Shippers. Delivery address must match the billing address of the credit card used.

INTERNATIONAL RETURNS and/or CORE returns: DO NOT send packages "duty or tax collect" to PCS. Packages sent that way will result in a charge to your card for any and all fees charged to PCS, and are subject to an additional minimum $10 processing fee. ALL Duties and taxes are to be paid by shipper (you) unless specifically pre-approved by PCS in writing.

By submitting your order to PCS you accept responsibility of any charges and agree to above terms.