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Most items shown here are from customer mis-orders, damaged boxes or overstock.

Unless noted, items have been inspected, all parts appear to be included, and there are no visible damages (other than packaging).

Due to the slashed prices, all sales are final.  (If there are missing parts discovered, many can be gotten directly from the manufacturer)

Check back often to look for added parts.


Fender License Plate Mount

  • Chrome 4" x 7" mounts include dual rubber gaskets, allowing the angle of the mount to be raised or lowered as needed
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware

Issues: none

Sug. Retail $31.95
PCS Price $27.95



Lindby V Star 950 Unibar Engine Bar

  • Traditional OEM-style highway bars
  • Made from high-quality 1 1/4" high-tensile steel tubing
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Gloss black powder-coat finish
  • Fits all years

Issues: none obvious

Sug. Retail $199.95
PCS Price $144.95


Yamaha V Star 1300 Cobra Speedster Longs 2925

Cobra V Star 1300 Speedster Longs

These traditionally styled shotgun pipes also produce class-leading power gains. Includes Cobra's limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Full-length, 2 1/2",222-degree heat shields
  • Chromed aluminum billet tips
  • Delivers power gains over stock that are among the highest in the business
  • Cobra PowerPort crossover
  • Cobra's limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits all years

Issues: none obvious

Sug. Retail $639.95
PCS Price $449.95



Cobra Road Star Fi2000R EFI Tuner

Cobra's FI2000R takes the worry out of tuning your fuel-injected cruiser. Plug and ride with OEM connectors, can be used with any exhaust system on the market today

  • Three easily identifiable lights:
    • Green - Fi2000R is adding more fuel to the air/fuel ratio approximately 14:1
    • Green and Yellow lights - these lights will be on in unison when throttle is open more quickly and air/fuel mixture is approximately 12.5:1;
    • Red - light comes on and stays on as long as the Fi2000R follows the fuel curve while adjusting to approximately 12.8:1 air/fuel ratio, which is where the engine will produce its best full-throttle power
  • Corrects lean air/fuel mixture problems; eliminates overheating, hesitation on acceleration or an uneven cruising rpm
  • Road Star 2008 only

Issues: none obvious (customer ordered wrong year)

Sug. Retail $239.95
PCS Price $164.95



1" Big Bar Smooth Risers Black

  • Risers are machined from billet aluminum
  • Gloss Black
  • For use with 1" diameter clamping area bars
  • Risers drilled and tapped for 1/2" x 13 bolts
  • Include stylish smooth caps with mounting hardware for a stylish look
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 1 1/2" Rise

Issues: none obvious (customer ordered wrong height)

Sug. Retail $134.95
PCS Price $89.95


Baron Enferno Longboards Yamaha

  • Increases rider’s foot and legroom
  • Improves leg and knee comfort
  • Five positions of adjustment
  • 13” length, tapering from 4” wide down to 2 3/8” provides expanded foot positioning
  • Beautifully chromed billet aluminum construction
  • Narrow design allows greater cornering lean angles
  • Easy to install
  • Matching Passenger Short Boards are available CLICK HERE
  • Includes left and right floorboards

Issues: none obvious. Will require floorboard mounts for your specific bike CLICK HERE

Sug. Retail $289.95
PCS Price $192.95


We try to keep this page as updated as possible. In most cases there will be only 1 available, or very limited quantities.
PCS will not be responsible if a part has been previously sold before your purchase. We will contact you if the part is no longer available.

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